eric dillenberger

Eric has been taking pictures for many years, using 35mm, medium format, 4X5 and digital capture. He studied photography at UCB School of Design. He maintained a black & white darkroom for many years while pursuing a career in manufacturing. The advent of the digital darkroom inspired Eric to work almost exclusively in color. He has photographed throughout North and South America and Europe. Recurring themes include landscapes, street scenes, architecture and still life.
He has exhibited locally in oregon galleries . His images have appeared in The Sun Magazine and in Black & White Magazine.
An Oregon resident since 1976, he lives with artist wife Tess in Klamath County.

I look at photography as found art. Art has been created by nature, by the actions of man, by birth, death and decay. I am content to record the art I see in the world. The images on this website are primarily digital capture with some film capture interspersed.